Prevent Underwatering Trees in Phoenix, AZ

Everyday we receive calls from customers that their trees are dying. These people are noticing brown leaves and/or dead branches…and they desperately want to know what they can do, or what needs to be done to save the tree(s). While at New Heights Tree, our primary service is tree removal service in the Phoenix area, we are also huge proponents of proper tree care so we don’t have to remove trees unnecessarily. When we arrive to examine these trees, more often than not, the common denominator comes down to this: underwatering. We know the summer in the valley of the sun that is the Phoenix area can be excruciatingly hot and often leads to trees suffering. In this post, we’ll help you understand how to prevent underwatering the trees on your property in order for them to live a long and happy life. Let’s get started!


Symptoms of Underwatering Trees dead palm tree; tree removal and maintenance service in phoenix az

We want to be respectful of the various draughts and water shortages that we experience around Phoenix. However, when able, it is important to keep trees on your property properly watered and maintained. In order to recognize that a tree is suffering from underwatering, you need to be able to recognize the symptoms of underwatering. One of the symptoms of underwatering is curled or wilted leaves. These leaves may be turning brown at the tips or edges, and are a sure sign that the tree is underwatered. Another symptom of underwatering is the tree(s) have sparse canopies. This means that the coverage of the tree is full of gaps, or that the tree isn’t “full.” The final symptom of underwatering of trees to be aware of is off-color, scorched, or yellowish leaves. It is well known that green leaves signify a healthy tree; well if the leaves are yellowish or scorches, there’s pretty strong chance the that tree is not being nourished properly.


Remedies to Underwatering

There are two common remedies to underwatering trees in the valley of the sun. The first is to water more frequently, and to water deeper. The second is to utilize mulch to help lock in moisture, allowing the tree to feed and nourish itself better for longer periods. Let’s examine these two remedies a little more in depth.



When it comes to watering your trees, you need to understand which type of trees you have, and how deep you need to water in order for the root system to grow. For example, most desert adapted trees in Phoenix need watering every 2 to 3 weeks during the Spring through Fall; during the winter the watering frequency is every one to two months. These trees have roots that are typically two to three feet underground, so be sure to water enough when you water that the roots are able to absorb the proper amount. Other common trees found throughout Phoenix actually use water a high rate. These trees require watering every 7-10 days between Spring and Fall, and every 14-30 days in the winter months. Similarly, their root systems also run two to three feet deep, so again, be sure to water enough that the roots get the love and attention they require.

Beware of OVERWATERING! Overwatering trees is just as harmful as underwatering trees! Understand what your trees need to thrive and water accordingly!



Utilizing organic mulch is a great way to trap moisture and help a tree thrive. As organic mulch breaks down, it feeds organic material into the soil, and keeps the soil cool and moist so your tree is more protected from the relentless Arizona sun and dry weather. As with anything, mulch with moderation. Don’t pile the mulch up too high around the base, as the tree trunk needs to breathe. We recommend 3 to 5 inch of wood chips mulch for the optimal impact on helping your tree thrive.


New Heights Tree Service: Phoenix Area Tree Service

New Heights Tree Service in Phoenix, Arizona is committed to providing top not tree maintenance and removal services to businesses and homeowners throughout the area. If we don’t have to remove a tree we don’t want to; we want to educate the community on what it takes to keep their trees healthy and happy. If however you do need tree removal services, contact our team today and we’ll be glad to help!