Phoenix Land Clearing

IMAG1315Need A Lot Cleared?

Anyone who has ever built anything knows that one of the hardest jobs is getting the land cleared perfectly and primed for the construction crew to begin handling the build. It can be an arduous process when you try and remove trees and shrubs by yourself. You may not have the proper tools needed in order to get the Phoenix land clearing job done. Need a lot cleared and primed for building on it? Want to grade an area of your property? New Heights Phoenix Land Clearing services are equipped and insured properly. We have the equipment to handle clearing lots from 1 acre to 100 acres, and with our skilled, experienced workers we can get the job done right.

We can do lot clearing for new construction, pastures, additions, renovations, and land management so that you will have a blank slat to work from. If you are cutting down trees then you might want to consider selling your timber as well. This can help you to bring in some extra revenue if you have mature hardwood trees that are straight, and in good shape.

Find out more about our timber buying options. Our team will gladly look over your cut down trees to see if we can offer to buy your timber. Usually we can make you a cash offer. This can be a great savings for the people that have lots to clear because they will be getting money and accomplishing getting the lot cleared.. You can let us know if Phoenix lot clearing is something you need done and we can help you till the job is done.

We work in the Phoenix area and service the following locations: Paradise Valley, Phoenix (including East Phoenix), Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa.