Phoenix Tree Removal

IMAG0700Years of Experience that You Can Trust

We have years of experience in dealing with hazardous trees and unsafe situations regarding trees including overgrown trees, trees that have halfway fallen, mature trees with heavy limbs, diseased and distressed trees that have weak root systems, and other situations. It is hard to imagine that a tree could damage your home and leave you with a long list of repair bills, but many times this happens, especially after a particularly bad storm that has high winds. It is wise to prune and trim your trees in order to prevent this type of emergency situation. Of course, if trees that are diseased or that have reached a point that we can no longer help either cost effectively or there is no other solution, tree removal is sometimes the only option. Tree removal is also a way to handle trees that are obstructing a great view.

For those that find themselves in a dire situation, we do offer 24 hour emergency tree service to help you no matter the situation or time. We handle Phoenix tree removal in the following areas: Paradise Valley, Phoenix (including East Phoenix), Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa.

We can deal with dead, diseased, hazardous trees and obstruction, crowding, and construction with our complete removal. The preservation of your trees is important and needs to be considered, but if a tree needs to be removed it's best to let our professional team handle the job. We have the equipment to efficiently get the job done. We also practice the latest safety precautions and standards of practice. Trees may need to be removed because of storm or wind damage, or the tree may need to be removed because of space issues. From our experience we can remove any tree no matter what the size, location or condition of the tree so that your home or business is a saver place. Choose New Heights Tree Service so that your tree needs will be done the right, and safe way.