Tree Company Phoenix

IMAG1234Family Owned Since 2001

The New Heights Tree Company has been in service as a family owned and operated business since 2001. We want to serve you and help you maintain a gorgeous landscape because you are like family to us. We also want to provide you with the best prices for the service. We are committed to helping all clients and we'd be happy to discuss your ideas, needs and budget. You can rely on us. We provide a 24-hour emergency tree service, so if you have bad storm damage or a fallen tree and need our assistance fast, we'll be there. We strive to get there quickly to fix the problem no matter the situation or storm.

We don't want to financially inconvenience our customers, so we try to work with the insurance companies and avoid extreme out of pocket expenses. We also can offer you cash for your timber on the spot, in a lot of situations. This can sometimes off-set some of the costs that you are having to pay.

Another great service if you are removing trees is stump removal. Some folks opt to not have us grind down their stumps. They usually regret it upon seeing how much work it takes to remove what is leftover of a tree. You would be surprised at how much work it takes to remove a stump by hand. We have machines that can do this in hardly any time at all. We will grind down the remains of a tree that was previously removed so that there is no tripping hazards and you will not have to weed-eat or mow the grass around the stump any longer. We remove it so that you can plant grass seed over it.

We want to take care of your tree needs by offering tree trimming, hazard assessments, complete removal, stump removal, lot clearing timber buying, planting trees, and a 24 hour emergency tree service so that we can fix anything that comes up. We are proud of our company for staying true to great customer service and providing services to contribute to the beauty and atmosphere of your home.