Sissoo Tree Removal

Sissoo Tree Removal in Arizona

Living in and around Phoenix, Arizona, there is a common pest; the Sissoo Tree. Sissoo trees are drought resistant, thrive in our poor desert like soil, and thrive in direct sunlight; a perfect recipe for Phoenix. However, Sissoo Trees are considered an invasive species, due mostly to their root systems. Sissoo roots can quickly damage a yard, home, even cause pipes to burst or crack retaining walls. For this reason, it is important to remove any sissoo tree on your property.

sissoo tree removal

New Heights Tree Service is proud to offer Sissoo Tree removal services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas (Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, and Chandler). Removing a Sissoo tree is time consuming and requires a professional arborist's touch in order to be done correctly. Removing a Sissoo tree is much more than simply eliminating the tree and grinding the stump; to fully eradicate this tree, we kill the root system to prevent any damage that may occur to your property. You can learn more about Sissoo tree removal here.

New Heights Tree Service: Sissoo Tree Removal Experts in Phoenix

If you've noticed Sissoo Trees on your home or business property and have concerns that the root systems may cause damage, do yourself a favor and contact New Heights Tree Service for our Sissoo Tree removal service. We are experts at making sure we eradicate the Sissoo Tree and its root system to give you peace of mind. Don't hesitate and wait until it's too late!