Before Sissoo Tree Removal


Don’t Remove Your Sissoo Tree Before Talking to New Heights Tree Service 

Sissoo tree? Don't remove it. . . until you talk to us! 


If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve discovered how devastating the Sissoo Tree’s invasive root system can be – these powerful, destructive trees can disrupt your plumbing system, crack the foundation of your home, and even break apart your walls. 

Sissoo trees are popular among homeowners because they’re fast-growing, resilient, low maintenance and provide much-needed shade in the Arizona desert, however, most don’t realize the downside of these trees when they plant them. Within just a few years, the problems begin with the tree’s roots disrupting everything they come into contact with. 

If you’re in this situation, call the Sissoo tree experts. We successfully remove at least 200 of these trees per year and have more than 20 years of experience in tree removal, with eight years of experience specializing in the removal of Sissoo trees and successfully killing their root systems.

Don't be one of the many that has this tree removed by a company that doesn't know how to kill the root system. We get calls daily from people that have had the tree removed begging for help because the roots are causing them more problems and continue to grow.

We offer a unique, comprehensive process to effectively remove the tree. Unlike many competitors’ processes, our multi-step approach was developed to effectively remove the tree and kill its roots.

Because of how severe the damage of the Sissoo Tree is, and because of how difficult they can be to remove, it is important to talk with us before removing your tree to ensure it is done correctly.

Please keep in mind that our cost is not comparable to other companies as we spend hours working on the roots to ensure a successful removal – something none of our competitors do. Our experience has shown that there is much more to removing a Sissoo tree than just removing the tree and a lot of work is required to kill the root system, however, this process is more effective and efficient - saving money and time in the long-term.

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