Desert tree trimming and pruning in Scottsdale AZ

Desert trees, palo verde and mesquite trees are very common in residential neighborhoods and have tendency to be over grown with large canopies that grow quickly due to the abundance of water available to them. These desert plants are drought tolerant and need very little watering to survive, so when they have water available trough drip systems or irrigation they thrive and grow fast and large which can be very desirable trees.

the down side is the canopy can out grow the root structure and create an unstable situation that during high winds and monsoon storms can blow them over as this large Mesquite tree was blown over in a monsoon storm in 2015 in Mesa Arizona. This particular tree roots were intertwined and were wrapped around each other from being kept to long in its original planting bucket that you would buy it from Home Depot or Lowes. This situation is called root bound. You can see how the roots have grown into a circular pattern and did not grow outward which this large tree needed for support during windy conditions. This tree was fed by several drip systems providing it with much more water than it needed to grow healthy, consequently it took all the water it could get and grew very large, outgrowing its root structure which was already weakened by its root bound situation.

Monsoon mesquite tree