Tree removal in Phoenix AZ of Ash tree

Ash trees have been very common trees in the Phoenix area for many years as they are a hearty medium sized tree that grows into a nice full canopy. There are many varieties and these that we are removing here are over 50 years old and have succumbed to the ravages of wood peckers, wood carver bees and carpenter ants. These trees have become very structurally compromised and pose a hazard to the people and pets that walk near them. Many branches have fallen to the ground over the years, these branches have been weakened and are rotting from the insects and wood rot and disease they introduce.

New Heights Tree Service has the expertise, skilled climbers, bucket trucks to handle any kind of tree removal, tree trimming, tree health assessment that you need. Trees are a valuable asset to your property and deserve to be treated by professionals that make tree health their business and life.