Tree damage due to high winds

Wow what a windy day today, the trees and palm trees were swaying in the wind. This is mothers natures way of trimming trees. It’s time to think about thinning out your trees before the monsoons come in and do it for you. Eucalyptus trees are susceptible to wind damage, now is the time to have us come out and evaluate your trees and make sure they are ready for this years monsoon season.

Tree trimming and wind storm cleanup

Well plenty of tree pruning or trimming this week. We worked on some Ficus, Ash and Mulberry trees this week that have been trimmed or topped previously by non PROFFESIONAL tree workers that were promoting themselves as experts. There are ISA and ASTM standards for proper pruning techniques and clearly this not performed on these trees from the previous workers. Please if you are considering tree trimming it is imperative to your trees health to choose someone who understands how a tree should be pruned properly to promote its health.

Tree wind damage cleanup

Well as expected the high winds we saw yesterday did cause some damage bringing down branches and some weak trees. We were out cleaning up tree damage caused by the high winds. There trees that needed removed, some trees needed trimmed, branches were broken and needed removed. It was a busy day for New Heights Trees service.

Tree damage from wind?

Trees are taking a beating from the strong winds we experienced today with gusts up to 45 mph. Wind damage to trees is mother natures way of trimming away the weak branches and trees, the ones that are diseased, dying, insect infested and damaged from neglect, abuse and improper care. The branches and trees that are compromised from these issues will be blown down from winds like we’ve seen today. Call us for expert and economical cleanup.

It’s a good time of year for tree trimming, pruning

We are still in a good time of year for trimming or pruning ash, elm, Chinese pistache, purple plum, desert willow, chaste tree, peach, plum, mulberry and other deciduous fruit trees. And it’s best to prune pine trees now through April to prevent excessive sapping.

Ficus, Benjamina tree trimming, pruning

Ficus trees grow very well in our arid climate and are quite tolerant you our hot summer temperatures. In their natural habitat they can grow up to 90+ feet and in the Phoenix area They are not frost tolerant and will sustain damage from a frost to the outer and upper leaves and branches. Many of the Ficus trees that were damaged by frost were improperly trimmed as the branches were topped which never healthy for the tree or proper technique.

Storm damage and tree removal

It has been a busy monsoon storm season with many trees being damaged from strong winds and micro bursts. Many of these trees were ripe for being blown down or damaged from the strong winds due to poor maintenance or lack of. This large eucalyptus tree survived many years and could have lived many many more if it was properly cared for. It’s root structure was insufficient for its size. Proper trimming could have saved this tree from being damaged from the strong winds. We removed this tree and root bimageall in record time.


Tree removals due to Micro burst

The micro burst we had earlier this week knocked many trees in east Phoenix and New Heights Tree Service was out in force cleaning up with many tree removals. There were mesquite, palo verde, elm, eucalyptus, acacia, pine and many other trees that were blown down or broken by the strong winds.

on e again I have to emphasize the importance of proper tree care and tree trimming. If some of these trees had proper tree trimming performed the would be no need for tree removal.

Storm damage tree removal

We have received many calls from homeowners with trees damaged from the recent monsoon storms. These monsoon storms bring isolated strong winds or micro bursts that cause havoc on trees, structures and patio furniture. We’ve had to remove several broken and hanging branches, trim branches and do more tree removals. All due to damage from these storms.

It is imperative to perform proper tree trimming and tree pruning techniques for the health of your trees. An improper tree trimming cut can cause rot which will introduce disease into the tree. Which eventually harm the tree and in most cases kill the tree. We at New Heights Tree Service care about the health of the trees we work on and want do the best job done right so our customers will call us back when they need help in the future.

Please call us for a free consultation to evaluate your trees. We can spot an issue before it becomes a problem or hazard.

Tree removal of overgrown pine tree in Scottsdale AZ

Aleppo pine trees grow very well in our desert climate with a good water source and fertile soil. They do very well with proper feeding also. Consequently they can out grow the area where they were planted and begin to cause problems with roots lifting sidewalks, branches invading public areas and walkways and becoming a hazard.

So that was the case today with a very mature pine tree that has become a hazard to the surrounding area, structures and people. So the best and safest option was for a tree removal, stump grind and replanting of some shrubs.