Storm damaged tree removal

We spent the day removing 5 trees that were damaged by our recent storms. Proper tree trimming would have saved all of these trees. These trees were planted by a landscape company that setup the watering system to feed them too much water which made them grow very fast and not establish proper root structure to support the heavy canopies. Tree removal was the mode for today as the property owners added 3 additional trees to be taken down.


Acacia trees need infrequent deep watering

Yesterday we talked about weeping acacia trees. All acacia trees need proper watering, infrequent deep watering. Acacia trees are susceptible to root rot. Which is caused by frequent Watering, where the water does not drain deep enough into the soil.

Weeping Acacia trees are a good choice for the desert

Weeping acacia trees are a hearty arid climate tree that grows straight and in a cylindrical shape. This tree benefits from proper tree pruning for correcting branches that interfere with each other. Also trimming the drooping lower branches are necessary when near a walk way or driveway.


Tree trimming and tree removals

It was another busy day with tree trimming and tree removals. Tree maintenance is essential for the best health of urban trees. We can spot problems before they become a permanent problem for your trees.

Proper tree care is essential for the health and safety of trees in an urban environment. Using correct industry standard tree trimming practices would  have saved all of the trees that we removed from the recent storms. Tree pruning / trimming is vital for trees that grow around your home. Low hanging branches can be dangerous to people passing by, canopies that are too large catch the wind and will blow over your trees. Call us today to schedule a consultation.image

Monsoon storm trees downed

We’ve had many calls over the last couple of months for trees that have been blown down by the strong winds associated with the monsoon storms we have  been experiencing this summer. All of these trees could have been saved if the owners would had them properly trimmed by a professional arborist. These trees had canopies that were over grown and the wind just blew them over. Proper trimming would have saved these trees.image

Howard, Tempe, May 2015

We have several large ash trees that are very over grown and needed them trimmed. Joe and his crew came in and thinned the crowns and raised the elavation. They look great and are much safer now that the monsoon storm season is coming. Excellent service.

Mary, Phoenix, February 2015

You guys are the best, service was excellent, thorough and the clean up was very nice. Will use you all again.

Paul, Mesa, November 2014

We Have a tree that is 30 years old and which was dying, dropping branches and becoming a real hazard. Joe and his crew are the best. They take pride in their work, they are courteous, polite and do such a great job. I would recommend them to anyone for any tree service.