Stump Removal & Grinding

ertjnNew Heights Tree Service of Mesa Arizona can improve the appearance of your property and provide the finishing touch to your landscaping by eliminating the tree stump after a tree is removed. A specialized machine known as a stump grinder reduces the stump to wood chips a few inches below the surrounding soil. The resulting hole can be filled with the wood chips or soil and is usually sufficient for subsequent planting of grass or flowers.

Tree Planting

A primary objective of an arborist looking at a decayed tree is to determine if there is enough wood strength remaining to support the structure of the tree. Decay can be obvious as shown by the presence of fruiting bodies, conks, and cavities. But, it can also be hidden with significant wood decay showing only limited outward signs.

Tree Chipping

Co-dominant stems, which have the appearance of a V shape, are indicators of weak attachments and more prone to failure. Poor structure can also result from incorrect pruning practices, such as topping, flush cutting, and lion tailing. Limb scars are evidence of previous branch failure and could be predictors for future problems.

Land Clearing & Leveling

Our total land clearing and leveling services are perfect when you’re planning on building out or extending your yard, grass area, or property. Our clearing services work great for homeowners, landlords, and property owners and managers because we not only level the land, but also haul all of the debris away. This service helps prevent weeds from getting too close to your home and helps beautify your property. Let our honest, reliable, and neat team come out and help you clear your land today.