More storm damage, tree removal and branch removal

And the storms continue to damage trees, houses and cars etc. lots of damage across the valley resulting in downed trees and branches needing to be removed. This branch fell about 100 feet from a neighbors eucalyptus tree damaging the patio breaking thru the roof and breaking several trusses causing severe damage to the house. Eucalyptus trees are a beautiful tree that grow fast and very big. Euc’s wood is brittle and prone to shedding its branches as stated in the article from,  As the common name implies, the wood is very brittle and is not considered useful for timber. All eucalypts have an efficient method for shedding limbs, as described by Jacobs (1955). For this reason, larger species such as E. mannifera should not be planted so that they will overhang dwellings. However, its graceful form and branching habit do make it an excellent shade or specimen tree. They are prone to breaking off branches like this when the wind picks up. This tree is a hazard to the immediate area as its branches reach into 4 separate backyards. This tree dropped 2 large and several smaller branches in the storm. We climbed and removed several broken and hanging branches, these branches were already broken off and were suspended by other branches, just hanging there ready to fall. This is a common tree for the valley, but this tree out grew its usefulness and grew into a Hazard for the residents in the four houses that surround this tree as it grew to a height of 80 feet and a diameter of  45 inches. Over the years this tree has shed many branches, some large and all are dangerous, so the owners chose to have it removed as they realized that it had turned into the wrong tree for their backyard.