The Sissoo Tree

The tree you should never have planted or have on your property...

Sissoo (Indian Ironwood) trees are listed as one of the most invasive trees of the world due to its root structure which can reach great distances from the trunk of the tree. Our customers have found roots and shoots sprouting from them up to 100' away from the trunk. One customer had them coming up through the kitchen island around the drain pipe from the sink causing damage to the plumbing.








Gravely’s Septic Service has found Sissoo tree roots inside of septic tanks and the drain pipe leading to the septic tank. A quick call to Gravely’s by several customers confirmed that this tree should not be anywhere near a septic system due to the fact that the roots are so very aggressive and will cause $1000's in damage to your septic system.










So why is this? The aggressive Sissoo Tree root structure is key to the plant’s survival and propagation in its native environment where it needed to establish a strong root system to survive in its native soil. Consequently, this tree is an excellent choice where soil erosion is a concern. For example, in the Phoenix freeway system where the road system is built below ground level, these trees have been planted to help secure the soil from eroding from the valleys heavy rain storms.







These are nice and shady trees if they are placed far enough away from any underground utilities or structures.

This Queen Creek Arizona Cortina community customer called their Sissoo trees, evil devil trees, like poltergeist because of the roots continuing to sprout new tree plants all over the yard after the trees were removed.  We solved this problem and permanently eliminated the possibility of the tree coming back. We use a special procedure to permanently remove the tree and the chance of the roots sprouting new trees.







This Queen Creek Arizona Cortina community customer had us remove his very large and quite beautiful Sissoo tree as its roots were intertwined with the lawn and continually damaging the irrigation system, requiring costly repairs.







This Queen Creek Arizona Cortina community customer had us remove 7 large Sissoo trees, as they were causing damage in several areas of the property. We had to remove dozens of pavers to remove the roots that were lifting the pavers and causing a dangerous trip hazard. One of the roots was 60' away from the tree and working its way towards the pool. They have been known to penetrate the walls of the pool to get the water. Also, note the damage this root was doing to the grass border.

There are exceptions to this opinion.