Winter Tree Care in Phoenix

While we may not experience sub-zero temperatures here in the desert and surrounding area around Phoenix, that doesn’t mean we can forget about proper tree care and maintenance. In this post, we provide some helpful tips for Phoenix area residents on how to properly care for their trees during the winter months in the desert. Let’s get started!


Desert Tree Care Tips for the Winter

Avoid Overwatering

The fall and winter months are typically when we see the most amount of rain after our hot and dry summers. For this reason, be careful not to overwater your trees. We’ve covered why you should be aware of underwatering trees, but in the winter it is all too easy to overwater trees. During the winter in Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, and the surrounding areas, trees should typically be watered about once per month. Any more often and your run the risk of overwatering.

Treating Frost Damage

While we don’t experience temps below zero in the valley of the sun, we do see temps regularly drop below freezing. When it gets this cold, frost damage can occur. Usually, there is no additional treatment required, as it’s usually just the leaves that are affected and they should grow back fine. Ficus trees however, are very frost sensitive, and will benefit from pruning off any frost damaged branches. We do recommend waiting until the spring to prune ficus trees however; pruning them in cold weather can make them more susceptible to frost damage. Waiting for the warmer spring weather ensures that we can remove any frost damaged branches from this year without further risk of damaging the tree.

Winter Pruning: Deciduous and Pines

Pine and Deciduous trees are best pruned during the colder months of the year. When the leaves fall off, it makes it easy to see the tree structure. You are able to see where to prune. Furthermore, this time of year is perfect for pruning these trees is it is also a low stress time of year for them.

Citrus Pruning

Citrus season in the desert comes in the late winter or early spring. It is best to prune citrus trees just before the flowering of the new year’s fruit. Fertilization of citrus trees should be completed shortly after the fruit sets and has about a quarter-inch diameter.

Utilize Mulch

Mulch is one of the best methods to care for your trees. Mulch consists of organic materials and as it break downs it deposits rich matter into the soil, keeps the soil cool, and damp, allowing trees to nourish themselves well. Mulch is great for weed control, ground cover, and erosion..but we highly recommend adding a pile of mulch around the base of your trees to help them sustain themselves during the winter months.

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